Wine-themed spa treatments

Wine-Themed Spa Treatments You Can Experience at Vintage Hotels

Everyone knows Niagara is the place to go to savour internationally-renowned wines but did you know you can take grapes beyond the glass with wine-themed spa treatments at 100 Fountain Spa? We’re not saying you have to skip the wine tours but adding a little pampering to your getaway will help you appreciate wine country even more.

The Benefits of Wine-Inspired Spa Treatments

The 100 Fountain Spa offers three different wine-centric treatments that will leave you feeling rejuvenated from head-to-toe. Grapes are rich in antioxidants, including flavonoids and polyphenol. Our Vinotherapy products take advantage of these great natural properties, so your face and body can too.

In addition to the purple gold of the Niagara region, these carefully crafted treatments also combine peaches, cherries and even champagne to create truly opulent pampering experiences for our guests.

100 Fountain Spa Signature Treatments Menu

Beyond Vino Facial | 80 Min

If you have a special occasion coming up or you just feel like your skin needs a refresher, the Beyond Vino Facial will give your face a blast of moisture, leaving your skin looking and feeling smoother and more youthful.

This rich anti-ageing treatment is excellent for dry mature skin.

Beyond Vino Body Wrap | 80 Min

You work hard, and you rarely have time to treat your body to the TLC it needs to look and feel its best. This body wrap will help soften, tighten and beautify your skin, so you can feel even more confident stepping out in that itsy bikini or showing off your new spring clothing.

Purple Feet Pedicure 80 Min

Don’t be spooked by the name, you certainly don’t have to choose purple toenail polish during your pedicure – unless you want to! This classic pedicure includes a foot mask and exfoliation that uses locally harvested wine-based products. So, no matter what colour your toes are, your feet are going to feel soft, moisturized and ready for a pair of sandals.

Head to Toe Wine Taster | 105 Min

Everyone loves to sample wine, so why not add this great way to satisfy your palette to your day of pampering? Enjoy a modified sampling of our signature treatments, so you can indulge in a head-to-toe experience. The Wine Taster includes:

  • 25 Min Beyond Vino Facial
  • 25 Min Beyond Vino Body Wrap
  • 55 Min Purple Feet Pedicure

If wine isn’t your cup of tea, explore the other unique spa treatment options available at 100 Fountain Spa. No matter what you choose, we’re confident our staff and products will far exceed your expectations for the perfect spa getaway.

If you want even more spa treatments to choose from, consider checking out Secret Garden Spa, which is located in Prince of Wales – another impeccable Vintage Hotel Spa just down the street. The signature services at this destination celebrate the healing properties found in tea extract.