Three Feathers Meeting Room at Prince of Wales

Ontario’s Most Elegant Conference Venues

If you want to generate creativity and support positive team morale, why not escape the city and host your next business meeting or conference in Niagara-on-the-Lake? Choose from one of our three Vintage Hotels – each offering different atmospheres and perks, while all maintaining the distinctive quality standards that define our luxurious hotel properties.

Conference Hotel Venues in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Meetings & Conferences at Prince of Wales

Are you at the helm of an executive team who needs to come together to take advantage of significant growth opportunities? Bring your best minds under the roof of the Prince of Wales hotel within one of our intimate meeting spaces. There are eight versatile meeting spaces to choose from – including more traditional-style boardrooms and an elegant ballroom that we can help creatively arrange to encourage collaboration and innovative idea exchange.

From less than 10 through to 90 special guests, Prince of Wales also offers award-winning catering and an old-world feel that will impress even the most discerning leadership team or list of clientele.

Hampton Court Conference Room at Prince of Wales
Hampton Court Conference Room at Prince of Wales
Victoria & Albert Ballroom Meeting Space at Prince of Wales
Victoria & Albert Ballroom Meeting Space at Prince of Wales

Conferences at Queen’s Landing

Experience endless options for your next conference or professional development opportunity in this Georgian-style masterpiece. From its elite and spacious boardroom through to the sophisticated breakout rooms that pay a gorgeous homage to Georgian elegance, Queen’s Landing has the wow factor that will show conference attendees your organization is focused on quality, excellence and the traditional values that build positive corporate legacies clients with discerning taste are attracted to.

Grand Georgian Ballroom Conference Space at Queen’s Landing
Grand Georgian Ballroom Conference Space at Queen’s Landing
Scarlet Boardroom at Queen’s Landing

Meetings & Conferences at Pillar & Post

Rustic sophistication is the perfect setting for a meeting or conference where you need to achieve aggressive business-oriented targets, while also juggling the needs of multiple stakeholders with high expectations.

Make your selection of where to host from a selection of 11 different meeting rooms; from bulkhead boardroom chairs around a gorgeous cherrywood table through to exposed redbrick surrounding a more spacious dining area, Pillar & Post is a Tuscan oasis for corporate clients.

Studio 1 Meeting Space at Pillar & Post
Studio 1 Meeting Space at Pillar & Post
Queenston Hall at Pillar & Post
Queenston Hall at Pillar & Post

Feed Them and They Will Come

Whether you’re hosting elite clients for a creative brainstorm or you’re welcoming a large group of stakeholders for an annual general meeting, the key to keeping conference attendees happy is to ensure they are well-served – from the way they are treated upon arrival through to the food offerings provided from kick-off to close.

Vintage Hotels is renowned for our properties’ culinary genius and quality ingredients. Forget cookie-cutter corporate menus that feel more like takeout than fine dining. Treat your employees, colleagues and clients to a farm-to-table menu that showcases Niagara’s amazing bounty. Our catering staff will work with your event planner to determine how to plate the best-possible food selections, for your specific purposes, within your budget.

Outstanding Conference Accommodations in Niagara-on-the-Lake
Experience Renowned Hospitality, Dining & Accommodations at Vintage Hotels

From Professional Development to Downtime, Niagara Offers the Very Best

In addition to endless options for pristine meeting venues, Vintage Hotels and Niagara-on-the-Lake boast superior amenities and activities that our corporate partners frequently take advantage of. From spectacular spa treatments to obstacle courses and cooking classes, there are so many Niagara-inspired events for your guests to engage in – either together to promote positive collaboration or to leverage as a means of unwinding after a long day of learning.

Explore Niagara’s unique indoor and outdoor offerings that will help extend your business strides beyond the boardroom to incorporate entertainment and extracurricular education into your corporate agenda. Whether your executives want to go wine tasting, or your managers want to lead their employees through a themed treasure hunt, our event planners can help you make the most of this ideal corporate venue just a short drive from Toronto.

Escape the City for State-of-the-Art Corporate Venues

Vintage Hotels in Niagara-on-the-Lake is fully equipped with the technology, flexibility, commitment to service and award-winning amenities and dining to plan a corporate event people will look forward to attending – and reflect back upon positively.

Our seasoned event planners and catering staff will help you appease your most-valued stakeholders’ every need. From helping you build a time-effective schedule through to arranging accommodations and special dietary needs, we’re here to help you create an exceptional corporate experience.

Contact Vintage Hotels today and begin planning your conference or business meeting to set the tone for a strategic escape from your company’s daily routine.

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