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What’s On In The Vineyard This Fall

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It’s harvest time in Niagara’s Vineyards. Here are some of the events happening at the wineries of Niagara this Fall.

Ravine Rocks the Back Lawn Series 2017

Enjoy live music Thursday and Friday from 7-10 pm and on Sundays from 2-5 pm

  • Anthony Di Carlo – Sept 21
  • Mike Saracino – Sept 24
  • Serena Pryne – Sept 28
  • The Hopyards – Sept 29
  • Mike Saracino – Oct 1

Noble Harvest – Hosted by Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery – October 7

Have you ever heard of “la pourriture noble”? What about the noble rot? During this very special event, you can take part in this tradition where you’ll help pick prized Ravine varietal. This celebration is a way for Ravine’s winemaker and chef to give thanks for another bountiful year. The product is a delicious Niagara Riesling that will make any wine lover proud to be a part of its creation.

Savour the Sights – Murder Mystery – October 13

Are you a great detective who loves exceptional wine and food? Join fellow foodies and thrill chasers at the Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate for a night filled with suspense and flavor. There may be a murderer hidden in your midst and it’s your job to find them out. But, don’t worry about working too hard to solve the case because you’ll also be treated to a delicious dinner and great wine.

Once Upon a Nightmare Haunt 2017 – October 27

Some suggest that Niagara is Canada’s most haunted town. If you’re bold enough to face the past, come and find out for yourself what’s lurking around our pretty town. Explore Colaneri Estate Winery like you’ve never seen a winery before. Combine the spooky with the flavourful at this special – and scary – Halloween-inspired event.

Sommelier Seminar Matching Wine & Chocolate – October 28

Enjoy perfect pairings of the sweet and savoury for a fun and romantic evening in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Strewn, a well-established winery, introduces sommelier Juan Nunez-Sanchez who will show guests how to match award-winning wines with decadent chocolates in a beautiful setting true to Niagara’s historical and natural charm.

End of Harvest Party – Hosted by Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery – November 18

This annual event, which pays homage to the unique delicacies of the Niagara region. is celebrated by locals and travelers alike. Join Winemaker Marty Werner and Chef Ross Migley as they host the 6th Annual End of Harvest Party. Indulge in a wonderful candle-lit dinner in their Barrel Cellar while learning about the importance of a successful harvest.

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